Decibelion - the music learning app

You play ... we display!
Decibelion is a music learning assistant app. It uses the device's microphone to detect a music note, and it shows the detected note on a music staff. With the note, it provides some visual cues about whether the note is being played in tune or out of tune so that the app's user can more effectively learn to distinguish an in-tune sound and ultimately play their instrument better. I hope the app helps someone learn to play the violin or guitar or something. For me, I'm learning the violin, and the app has been helping me a lot. I use the app myself.
Aside from the music mic screen for learning music, Decibelion also comes with just a normal violin/guitar tuner screen useful for tuning an instrument.

Decibelion videos

Using the iRig 2 audio interface
with the violin


How to tune a violin, plus other
housekeeping (bow, cleaning cloth)


My apology


Black Friday idea: cheap tablet?


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